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Q.1. What is the purpose of CPMP?

Ans. With a view to putting in place an institutional mechanism to track stalled investment projects, both in the public and private sectors and to remove implementation bottlenecks in these projects on a fast-track basis, a CPMP Cell has been setup in the Ministy of Coal in the nature of Coal Project Monitoring Portal (CPMP) for all projects of coal, both public and private. This Cell would pro-actively pursue stalled projects so that the projects are commissioned on time.

Q.2. What does CPMP stand for?

Ans. Coal Project Monitoring Portal.

Q.3. What are the criteria to accept for consideration of various projects?

Ans. Any project related to Coal Ministry having one or more issues.

Q.4. Where is all the information regarding the CPMP Projects residing?

Ans. All the project information is available on Coal Project Monitoring Portal. .

Q.5. What are the key benefits for the department adopting the Online Coal Project Monitoring Portal?

Ans. It provides transparency and efficiency in the working environment, minimizes the processing delay, helps in timely disposal of important issues, enables one to work from anywhere, anytime, leads to a paperless working and provides ease and flexibility in the retrieval of various reports.

Q.6. Who is eligible to submit a project?

Ans. Any Ministry/Department/Agencies or any private entrepreneur can submit the stalled projects related to coal.

Q.7. Are all the necessary fields required to be filled while submitting the project online?

Ans. All the required field should be filled and the issues precisely and clearly articulated otherwise the Project may not be accepted for consideration..

Q.8. Is it possible to add more issues after the acceptance for consideration of the projects?

Ans. Yes, the Ministry/Agencies/Private Entrepreneur can add more issues after projects being accepted by the CPMP-Cell .

Q.9. Is it possible to add more issues after a decision on issues submitted earlier?

Ans. Yes, it can also be done.

Q.10. Is it mandatory to write only one issue in the issue field?

Ans. Yes, only one issue should be indicated in the issue text box by the Ministry/Department/Agencies or Private Entrepreneur. If there are more than one issue with the same Ministry, user should open a new issue field for each issue.

Q.11. When Project submitted by Private Entrepreneur is reviewed by Ministry?agencies and it is found that it is already listed in the accepted Project List. How can it be rejected?

Ans. When such duplicate projects are found, it is required to check the issues, if additional issues are found, new issues can be added in the accepted project. It may be intimated to Private Entrepreneur also.

Q.12. Is it possible for Private Entrepreneur to submit the project online?

Ans. Yes, Private Entrepreneur can register first online and submit their projects with issues.

Q.13. Is it possible to see the contact detail of Ministry Nodal Officer for Private Entrepreneur?

Ans. Yes, List of Nodal Officers is available on the website.

Q.14. Can Private Entrepreneur track the progress of their projects?

Ans. Yes, they can see the progress as well as the decisions.

Q.15. Is Captcha code necessary?

Ans. Yes, due to the Security Guidelines, it is necessary to insert the code at every transaction.

Q.16. Can multiple issues be added for one project?

Ans. Yes, multiple issues can be added.

Q.17. Can Projects without any issues/problem be considered by CPMP?

Ans. No, only those projects will be considered in which issues/problems are indicated .

Q.18. Can a new issue be added after consideration of projects?

Ans. Yes, a new issue can be added at any point of time.

Q.19. Is it mandatory to change the password from default given password?

Ans. Yes, it is mandatory to change the password after receiving the default password.

Q.20. Is it possible to see the list of all the projects considered by CPMP?

Ans. Yes, the list of projects considered by CPMP is available on the website.

Q.21. Can more than one project be added by one user?

Ans. Yes, more than one project can be added by one user.

Q.22. How can I login after making a wrong attempt?

Ans. After 5 wrong attempts, the account gets locked for 2 Hours. Right password will only be accepted after 2 Hours.

Q.23. Can One Ministry sponsor the project to another Ministry?

Ans. No.

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