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1 R ENERGY SOLUTIONS ON THERMO  New and Renewable Energy  Power generation from heat and cold both 1500
2 UDHAMPUR-SRINAGAR-BARAMULLA RAIL LINK PROJECT (272 KM)  Railways   To provide an alternative and a reliable transportation to Jammu & Kashmir, this 272 km long rail line was planned. It joins the Kashmir valley by traversing through Udhampur, Katra, Quazigund and Baramulla. This is the biggest project being constructed in mountainous terrain since independence. The alignment of project involves construction of a large number of Tunnels and Bridges in highly rugged and mountainous terrain with the most difficult and complex Himalayan geology. Project involves 38 Tunnels (combined length of 119 km), the longest Tunnel (T-49) is having a length of 12.75 km and once completed, it will be the country’s longest transportation tunnel. There are 927 bridges including iconic Chenab Bridge (length 1315 m, Arch span of 467 m and height of 359 m above river bed) which will be the highest railway bridge in the world. Indian railway’s first cable stayed bridge is also being constructed on Anji Khad. The project was sanctioned in the year 1994-95 at the cost of Rs. 2500 cr. The cost was revised to Rs. 19565 cr in 2010 and the latest sanctioned cost is Rs. 27949 cr. Till now, 25 km section of Udhampur-Katra, 118 km section of Quazigund-Baramulla and 18 km section of Banihal-Quazigud are commissioned. The work is under progress on Katra-Banihal section and the physical progress is 60%. This remaining section predominantly involves tunnelling 163 km (97 km Main Tunnel + 66 km of Escape Tunnel) in addition to construction of Mega Bridges on Chenab river and Anji Khad (Total Bridges -37). At present 112 km of tunnelling (70 km of Main Tunnel and 42 km of Escape Tunnel) and 19 bridges out of 37 have been completed. In addition, 203 Km access road out of 209 km has also been completed. The total land required for the project is 1845 ha, out of which 1802 ha land has been acquired. The acquisition of balance 43 ha land is in advance stage of clearance. Forest and Environmental clearance required for the project has been obtained. The target date for completion of the project is June, 2022. 27949
3 DELHI-MEERUT EXPRESSWAY (NH-24) : 82 KM  Road Transport and Highways   Brief: Delhi-Meerut Expressway aims to provide faster and safer connectivity between Delhi and Meerut and beyond this, with Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The project is divided in four packages. Package-I: From Km. 0.000 to Km. 8.71 (NH-24 Ring Road T-Junction to Delhi/UP Gate), Package-II: From Km. 8.71 to km. 28 (Delhi/ UP Gate to Dasna), Package-III: From Km. 28 to Km. 50.27 (Dasna to Hapur) and Package IV: From Km. 28 to Km. 59.77 (Dasna to Meerut Greenfield alignment). The first three packages are on Hybrid Annuity mode and the fourth package is on EPC mode. The total length of the project is 82 km (around 9 km in Delhi & around 73 km in Uttar Pradesh). The project cost is Rs. 6286 cr. (Pkg.-I: 796 cr., Pkg.-II: 1984 cr., Pkg.-III: 1122 cr. and Pkg.-IV: 2384). The concession period is 15 years. It shall have 5 major bridges, 19 minor bridges, 40 VUPs, 43 PUPs, 3 ROB, etc. The appointed date for Pkg-I is 28.11.2016, Pkg-II: 06.11.2017, Pkg-III: 19.12.2016 and Pkg-IV is 27.02.2018. Pkg-I & III have been completed and inaugurated. The scheduled completion of Pkg-II is 03.05.2020 and Pkg-IV is 20.08.2019. Land required for Pkg-II is in possession. For Pkg-IV, out of 361 ha land required, 336 ha land is in possession. There are land encumbrances in 7 km length in Pkg-IV. Further 365 structures need to be removed in Pkg-IV, of which 50 has been removed. The project requires forest clearance for 0.56 ha in Pkg-IV, for which proposal has been submitted on 22.07.2019. Of Rs. 1911 cr awarded for compensation disbursement, Rs. 1774 cr has been disbursed. In Pkg-II, laying of pipeline in the length of 19 km is being carried out by NHAI with the funding of State Government. Work in 7 km has been completed. State Government need to release balance share of funds for the work. 6286
4 DOUBLING OF KATNI-SINGRAULI RAIL LINE: 261 KM  Railways   The project is the doubling of Katni-Singrauli railway line. Katni is a junction station on Allahabad to Mumbai double line route via Satna, Jabalpur, Itarsi, Bhusawal and on Bina to Bilaspur double line electrified route via Saugor, Anuppur and located about 90 km north of Jabalpur. The Allahabad to Itarsi section is on diesel traction and electrification work is in progress. Singrauli is having major coalfields and many power plants have been set up, to which there is growing inward and outward traffic. On average 394 freight trains (Up/Dn) run in the section per month apart from 8 (eight) pairs coaching trains per day. This proposed doubling line with electric traction shall facilitate uninterrupted traffic flow in the section. The project was sanctioned in the year 2015-2016 at the cost of Rs. 1763 cr. The length of the project is 261 km. It shall have 284 minor bridges, 36 major bridges, 51 RUB/LHS, 3 ROB etc. The scheduled completion is 31.03.2021. Land acquisition is not required for this project. All major packages of the projects have been awarded and physical & financial progress is 6% & 30% respectively. About 27 km. stretch lies in Sanjay Dubri National Tiger Reserve and Wild Life Sanctuary. Wild life clearance has been obtained and forest clearance is awaited. Forest clearance is also required in 10 stretches where work has been stopped by the forest department citing that the land is categorized as forest land. Online application for the same has been uploaded. 1763
5 TWO LANE WITH PAVED SHOULDER OF MAJHAULI-CHAROUT OF NH-527C: 64 KM  Road Transport and Highways   The project is two laning with paved shoulder of Majhauli-Charout section of NH-527C in the state of Bihar being executed on Engineering Procurement & Construction basis. The length of the project is 64 km and the project cost is Rs. 537 cr. The project was awarded on 28.03.2018 and the date of agreement is 27.11.2018. The appointed date is yet to be declared. It shall have 5 major bridges, 14 minor bridges, 1 flyover, 1 ROB, 8 bypasses, 81 culverts etc. The total land required for the project is 247 ha (184 ha private land and 63 ha govt. land). Entire govt. land is in possession and out of 184 ha of private land, 57 ha is in possession. At present only 10 km working front is available in 3 pieces having 4 km of maximum length. Of Rs. Forest clearance required for the project has been obtained. Out of Rs. 332 cr. deposited with CALA, only Rs. 45 cr. has been disbursed. Utility shifting estimates is also awaited from state government. The physical and financial progress of the project is 0%. 537
6 Railway Electrification work in State of Telangana Maharashtra Uttar pradesh  Railways   Transmission line works for Electrification of following sections 1) Pagdipaali-Nallapadu 2) Gondia-Ballarshah 3) Singapur-Damanjodi 1207.11
7 Railway Electrification of BG routes of Indian Railway  Railways   Transmission line works for Electrification of following section 1) Rohtak-Bhatinda-Lehra Mohabhat 2) Garwa road-Chopan-Singrauli 3)Ajmer-Udaipur 1194.01
8 Augmentation of Mathura-Tundla Pipeline and its extension for hook up with Barauni- Kanpur Pipeline (BKPL) at Gawria T-point  Petroleum and Natural Gas   Project involves augmenting the capacity of existing Mathura-Tundla Pipeline by laying 253 Km pipeline for transportation of petroleum products from Tundla to Gawria T Point of Barauni-Kanpur Pipeline. Pipeline shall traverse through state of Uttar Pradesh. Pumping facilities at Mathura and Tundla and delivery facilities at Tundla, Lucknow and Kanpur are envisaged. 676
9 Electrification of BG roues of Indian Railway in State of Odisha  Railways   Transmission lines works for Electrification of following sections 1) Vijanagram-Titlagrah 2) Jharsuguda-Sambalpur-Titlagarh 3) Singapur- Damanjodi 1204.6
10 Haldia- Barauni Pipeline Systems  Petroleum and Natural Gas   • Project involves laying of 30" dia. 517 km long Haldia – Barauni crude oil pipeline in Haldia- Barauni section of Paradip- Haldia- Barauni Pipeline and conversion of existing 18” Haldia- Barauni Mainline & Loopline Section of crude oil pipeline to product & Natural Gas service respectively. Project was approved on 28.3.2018, with a completion schedule of 36 months after receipt of statutory clearance. Project is targeted for completion by June 2021 to facilitate discontinuation of operation of other exsting product line (between Haldia and Barauni) passing through Jharia Coal field. 3696
11 Petroleum & Petrochemical Projects at Rasayani, Maharashtra  Petroleum and Natural Gas   Petrochemical Complex, POL Terminal, LPG Bottling plant and associated facilities at Rasayani, District Raigad, Maharashtra and Pipelines form Mumbai Refinery to Rasayani. Land purchase is started and completion schedule is 3 years from Environmental Clearance/ Securing Land 7000
12 Multiproduct Pipeline from Bina (MP) to Panki, Kanpur (UP)  Petroleum and Natural Gas   18” dia, 355 km long multi product pipeline from Bina(MP) to Panki, Kanpur (UP) 1524.06
13 Expansion of LPG Import and Storage Terminal at Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu  Petroleum and Natural Gas   SHV currently owns and operates a LPG import terminal at VOC port, Tuticorin. SHV now envisages increasing the storage capacity of the Terminal from 8500 MT by an additional 30000MT and enhancing its throughput from the current 350000 MT to 1200000 MT LPG per annum. The expansion will involve suitable augmentation of existing facilities including Utilities and Offsite systems 553
14 Banai & Bhalumuda  Coal   Banai & Bhalumuda coal blocks were allocated to NTPC on 31.03.2015 under MMDR Act for end use projects Kudgi-I(2400 MW) & Barethi-I(2640 MW), respectively. NTPC carried out detailed exploration of these two blocks through CMPDIL. The geological reserves of these blocks are 609 MMT and 767 MMT, respectively. The work for preparation of Mining Plan for these two coal blocks was also awarded to CMPDIL. The above project cost is tentative and shall be finalized after finalization of Mining plan and feasibility report. 4000
15 6 laning of NH152D betwen new Ismailabad(Ganghedi) to Narnaul under Bharatmala Pariyojna  Road Transport and Highways   This is a 6 lanning project of NH-152D which is a part of Ambala-Kotputli economic corridor under Bharatmala Parioyojna. The project passes through villages of 8 different districts viz Kurukshetra, Karnal, Kaithal, Jind, Rohtak, Bhiwani, Charkhi Dadri and Mahendragarh involving Greenfield lands in arround 112 villages to the tune of 1928 Ha. The compensation involved is around 2500 Crs. the entire project has been divided into 8 different pkgs and is being executed on EPC Mode. 4893
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