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Do's and Dont's for effective use of PMG portal by Nodal Officer
1. Sponsoring Ministry at the time of sponsoring the project should examine the issue(s) raised by the Project Proponent (PP) and if required edit/sub-divide/merge or reclassify the issues so that each issue is distinct, independent and clearly articulated.
2. Nodal Officers of the sponsoring Ministry should take decision on the new project/new issue within a week.
3. Nodal Officers of the sponsoring Ministry/Department should remain in touch with the Project Proponents and obtain progress achieved in resolution of issues and implementation of the project. Such progress should be updated/uploaded by the Nodal Officers of the sponsoring Ministry on the portal under the caption, comments.
4. Nodal Officers of the Recipient Ministry/State on receipt of an issue/agenda for the meeting should obtain status in respect of the pending issue from the concerned field units. Updated status should be posted under the category comments on the PMG portal.
5. Nodal Officers of the Recipient Ministry/State, on receipt of an issue should make all efforts to resolve the issue through internal meetings and bringing the issue to the notice of higher authorities.
6. Nodal Officers should ensure that after all issues of a project are fully resolved, the Project Proponent provides a feedback on the functioning of PMG mechanism through the PMG portal.
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