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Do's and Dont's for effective use of PMG portal by Private Proponents
1. Project should be uploaded by briefly describing the Project and bringing out the main features of the Project, such as location, capacity, technology, funding etc.
2. Implementation Mode, cost of project and target date of completion of the project should invariably be entered.
3. There may be several issues affecting or delaying the swift implementation of a project. Each identified issue should be uploaded as a distinct issue.
4. Same type of issues pertaining to one authority may be clubbed together. For example, for a road project, land acquisition may be required in different sub-divisions of the district and can be put as one issue for the district. However, if the land acquisition relates to different districts, a separate issue may be uploaded for each district.
5. The issue should be described very briefly and it should be ensured that a plain reading of the issue provides a clear understanding about the difficulty/delay being experienced and the underlying reason(s) for the delay.
6. Each new project should have one Sponsoring Ministry/Department. Sponsoring Ministry/Department is the agency which is responsible for the sector pertaining to the project. A sponsoring Ministry by sponsoring a project recommends the project for resolution through PMG. It is not necessary that a project has been pending due to action/inaction of a sponsoring Ministry.
7. A Recipient Agency should be selected for an issue from drop down menu viz. a State Govt. or a Central Ministry/Department. Recipient agency is the agency which has to grant/accord final approval or where the issues are pending.
8. Each issue should be categorised into a category to be selected from drop down menu.
9. In case the project encounters any news issue which needs resolution, it should be added as a separate new issue. New Issues can be added to the projects, even after a project has once been resolved on PMG Portal.
10. Many a times, Project Proponents tend to raise new issues during the course of a meeting without first uploading those new issues on PMG portal. PPs should invariably upload all new issues on PMG portal before they can be considered for resolution during the PMG meetings.
11. After all the issues of a project are fully resolved, the Project Proponent should provide a feedback on the functioning of PMG Mechanism through PMG Portal.
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