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Q.1. What types of Schemes are provided assistance by DSEL?

Ans. Any Scheme having bottlenecks with any of DSEL Bureau/ Ministry or State can be assisted by Admin.

Q.2. In what way DSEL Admin assists Schemes?

Ans. If any Bureau/Autonomous body during the execution of the Scheme, faces any bottleneck or apprehends delay in obtaining approvals from DSEL authorities/Bureau/GOI Ministry , it can upload such specific issues on DSEL portal after logging in and DSEL Admin will take up those issues with the concerned authority for expeditious resolution.

Q.3. What kind of issues are not taken up by DSEL?

Ans. Issues pending in a Court of law or Arbitrator(s), pertaining to usual business and financing risks, not falling in purview of DSEL etc. are not taken up by DSEL Admin.

Q.4. Who should upload the issues in the DSEL portal?

Ans. A senior management personnel fully familiar with the issues of the Scheme can upload issues on the DSEL portal.

Q.5. Can all pending clearances be uploaded under one issue on the DSEL portal?

Ans. The matter pertaining to a particular clearance/approval should be mentioned/included as one issue on DSEL portal. In other words, every clearance/difficulty should be mentioned as a separate issue so that the specific issue can be taken up with the concerned agency for resolution. The issue should be expressed briefly (word limit of 150 characters), concisely and to the point.

Q.6. Can a clearance already denied by Government agency be taken up as an issue through DSEL?

Ans. In case, it has been felt that the clearance has been denied wrongly and a request for reconsideration has been submitted to the concerned authority, the matter can be taken up through DSEL Admin for expeditious decision.

Q.7. Does DSEL charge any fees for its services?

Ans. No, all services provided by DSEL are completely free of cost.

Q.8. In how many days DSEL provides its services?

Ans. It depends upon the nature of issue and the agency involved. As soon as the Scheme proponent uploads the issue, the portal automatically forwards the issue to a sponsoring Bureau for verification of bona fide of the Scheme. After such verification, the issues of the Scheme get forwarded to Admin. On receipt of issues in DSEL, they are electronically sent to the concerned Government agencies where approvals are pending. Thereafter issues are resolved through meetings at the DSEL level and at the level of Secretaries of the Education Ministry.

Q.9. Is it necessary to visit DSEL before uploading of any issue on DSEL portal?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to visit DSEL for uploading of issues.

Q.10. Whether all issues taken up by DSEL get automatically resolved?

Ans. The role of DSEL is to take up the issue with the concerned authorities in Central/State Governments and expedite decisions, consistent with the laid down statutory provisions and policy framework.

Q.11. Where is all the information regarding the DSEL Schemes residing?

Ans. All the Scheme information is available on DSEL Web-site.

Q.12. What are the key benefits for the department adopting the Online DSEL Scheme Monitoring Portal?

Ans. It provides transparency and efficiency in the working environment, minimizes the processing delay, helps in timely disposal of important issues, enables one to work from anywhere, anytime, leads to a paperless working and provides ease and flexibility in the retrieval of various reports.

Q.13. Who is eligible to submit a Scheme?

Ans. Any Bureau/State/Autonomous body can submit the stalled investment Schemes involving the scheme that is considered to be critical.

Q.14. Are all the necessary fields required to be filled while submitting the Scheme online?

Ans. All the required field should be filled and the issues precisely and clearly articulated otherwise the Scheme may not be accepted for consideration..

Q.15. Is it possible to add more issues after the acceptance for consideration of the schemes?

Ans. Yes, the Bureau can add more after accepted by the Admin .

Q.16. Is it possible to add more issues after a decision on issues submitted earlier?

Ans. Yes, it can also be done.

Q.17. Is it mandatory to write only one issue in the issue field?

Ans. Yes, only one issue should be indicated in the issue text box by the Bureau. If there are more than one issue with the same Ministry/Bureau/State/UT, user should open a new issue field for each issue.

Q.18. Can Bureau track the progress of their Schemes?

Ans. Yes, they can see the progress as well as the decisions.

Q.19. Is Captcha code necessary?

Ans. Yes, due to the Security Guidelines, it is necessary to insert the code at every transaction.

Q.20. Can multiple issues be added for one Scheme?

Ans. Yes, multiple issues can be added.

Q.21. Can Schemes without any issues/problem be considered by Admin?

Ans. No, only those Schemes will be considered in which issues/problems are indicated .

Q.22. Can a new issue be added after consideration of Schemes?

Ans. Yes, a new issue can be added at any point of time.

Q.23. Is it mandatory to change the password from default given password?

Ans. Yes, it is mandatory to change the password after receiving the default password.

Q.24. Is it possible to see the list of all the Schemes considered by Admin?

Ans. Yes, the list of Schemes considered by Admin is available on the website.

Q.25. Can more than one Scheme be added by one user?

Ans. Yes, more than one Scheme can be added by one user.

Q.26. Can State Nodal Officer see the issues/problem with Schemes?

Ans. State Nodal Officer can see only those issues which are relating to their State.

Q.27. How can I login after making a wrong attempt?

Ans. After 5 wrong attempts, the account gets locked for 2 Hours. Right password will only be accepted after 2 Hours.

Q.28. Can One Bureau sponsor the scheme to another Bureau?

Ans. No.

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