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1 Indian Textile Plaza  Urban Development  Development of Indian Textile Plaza at Ahmedabad. National Textile Corporation Ltd. (NTC) engaged National Buildings Construction Corporation Ltd. (NBCC) for undertaking the project of Indian Textile Plaza (ITP) at the land belonging to Jehangir Textile Mills (a unit of NTC). NBCC pursuant to a tender appointed Shipra Estate Limited (SEL) to undertake the development of the Project whereby the land shall be transferred to SEL pursuant to its handing over Super area of 55000 sqft of ITP to NTC, 20% land to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and meeting of certain financial obligations. SEL on its part has fulfilled all its financial obligations under the tender bid, however due to NBCC not sanctioning the plans and further non-cooperation, the construction of ITP could not be taken up. SEL’s bid for the development of the project was submitted on the understanding that SEL would be required to surrender 20% of the total land to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), but unfortunately due to poor decision making and unresponsive attitude of NBCC, AMC has now, vide its letter dated 09.10.2013, asked SEL to surrender 40% of the land in order to sanction the building plans as per its new policy for roads and development purposes. This requirement of AMC over and above 20% land SEL was originally required to surrender has been communicated to NBCC on various occasions in the past and, if not addressed, will have a huge adverse impact on the entire project. SEL have repeatedly asked for NBCC’s representatives to come along with SEL in person to argue the case or at least submit a written representation to AMC, but till date NBCC and AMC have not agreed in addressing the issue and thereby delayed the construction of the Indian Textile Plaza at the Ahmedabad. 200
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