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1 Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme-XVIII [ERSS-XVIII]  Power   Major generation projects, in future, are envisaged in the central and western part of Eastern Region (Odisha, Jharkhand and Bihar). No major generation addition is expected in the eastern part i.e. in West Bengal. Thus, in order to provide reliable and secure power supply within the region from various future generation sources and also to facilitate power exchange with the neighboring regions under various operating conditions, a high capacity 765 kV D/c Ranchi – Medinipur – Jeerat line and 765/400 kV substations at Medinipur and Jeerat with further linking with load centers at Jeerat, Medinipur and Subhashgram through 400 kV network in West Bengal has been envisaged. POWERGRID Medinipur - Jeerat Transmission Limited [PMJTL], a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. [a CPSE under M/o Power] has been incorporated on acquisition through Tariff Based Competitive Bidding [TBCB] process to act as Transmission Service Provider [TSP] with a purpose to establish this Transmission System. The transmission system is scheduled to be completed by July, 2020. 3090
2 Alipurduar Transmission Limited  Power   Establish Power Transmission System for Strengthening in Indian System for transfer of Electric Power from New HEPs in Bhutan. This project has 2 D/C Lines of 400 KV with Quad Moose Conductor. One line is in the State of Bihar and another in the State of West Bengal. In addition to it, one substation extension (2 400 kv Bays) at Darbhanga in the State of Bihar 1080
3 Implementation of Transmission Systems in the State of Jharkhand consisting of 400/220/132/33 kV transmission lines and substations under Jharkhand Consultancy Project.  Power   Several intra State Transmission Systems required to feed power to load centers around Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur in the State of Jharkhand were identified for implementation. Jharkhand Urja Sancharan Nigam Ltd. have assigned a total of 27 nos. of Transmission Systems for implementation by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd under a Consultancy Assignment. So far 15 nos. of Transmission Lines along with the associated substations have been commissioned. The remaining 12 nos. Transmission Lines are under various stages of implementation. Out of these 12 nos. lines, 7 nos. lines require Forest Clearance. Forest clearance/Working permission for 2 nos. lines have been received & work is in progress. In case of balance 5 nos. lines, Stage-I clearance has been received for 3 nos. lines, but working permission is awaited. For remaining 2 nos. lines, revised proposal has been uploaded due to change in alignment. As per the Agreement, all the transmission elements were scheduled for completion by May’14, but implementation got delayed due to multiple reasons like pending Forest Clearance, RoW issues, change of alignment, change of schemes and delayed release of fund. 1472
4 Khargone Transmission Limited  Power   NTPC Ltd. has planned to establish a 1320MW (2x660MW) thermal power project at Khandwa in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Accordingly, immediate evacuation system for the same was finalized and System strengthening in Western Region in time frame of Khargone TPP 1500
5 Gadarwara STPP  Power   2 X 800 MW Thermal Power Project 11638
6 Gurgaon Palwal Transmission Limited  Power   To meet the growing load demand in Gurgaon and Palwal areas and to serve the consumers with reliable power, establishment of three nos of 2X500MVA, 400/200kV substations at Sohna Road, Kadarpur and Prithla along with associated 400kV connectivity have been agreed. 400/200kV Sohna Road Ss has been proposed to cater to the load demand of sector 58 to 67 of Gurgaon whereas 400/200kV Kadarpur S/s has been proposed to cater to sector 68 to sector 80 loads of Gurgaon. The 400/220kV Prithla substation would feed Palwal, Rangla Rajpur and Meerpur Kurah substations of Haryana and adjoining areas. Prithla substation will be connected to ISTS grid at 400kV to Aligarh(PG) 765kV switching station and 400kV level would be created at Aligarh(PG) 765kV switching station. 1100
7 Strengthening of Transmission System beyond Vemagiri  Power   Southern Region is expected a power transfer requirement of about 16000 MW by the year 2018-19. To bridge the power deficit and to meet future power transfer requirements in Southern Region, a high capacity Strengthening of Transmission System beyond Vemagiri of 4500 MW capacity has been envisaged. The scheme would facilitate import of power from North – East - West (NEW) grid to Southern Region grid via Angul – Srikakulam – Vemagiri corridor. Under the scheme, following transmission elements have been planned to be implemented 1. 765 kV D/C Vemagiri – Chilakaluripeta Trans. Line [279 Km] 2. 765 kV D/C Chilakaluripeta – Kadapa Trans. Line [289 Km] 3. 400 kV D/C Kadapa – Madhuguri Trans. Line [243 Km] 4. 400 kV D/C Srikakulam - Garividi Trans. Line [144 Km] 5. 400 kV D/C Chilakaluripet-Narasaraopet Trans. Line [30Km] 6. 765/400 kV Chilakaluripeta Sub-Station. Packages for above transmission lines have been awarded in March, 2016 and about 90% of the works on overall basis have been completed. Works in a section of 1st transmission line is facing severe ROW constraints in Krishna Dist. in Andhra Pradesh and affecting completion. The project is scheduled for completion by April, 2019. 3564
8 Establishment of 220/66 kV, 2x160 MVA GIS Substation at UT Chandigarh and 220 kV D/C line from Chandigarh to Panchkula  Power   [Project Cost-Rs. 322 Cr.] Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. [A Govt. of India Enterprise] has been mandated by MoP, GoI to implement scheme for strengthening of power transmission network around UT Chandigarh. The scheme has been approved in the 34th Standing Committee Meeting on Power System Planning held on 08.08.2014. The scheme covers Inter-State Transmission System (a) 220 kV D/C Chandigarh - Panchkula Transmission Line 24.674 Km (including 9.716 Km of 220 kV Grade Underground Cable) (b) Establishment of 2x160 MVA, 220/66 kV GIS Substation at UT Chandigarh. 1000
9 Transmission System associated with Kishenganga HEP [3x110 MW] - Project Cost Rs. 340.88 Crs.  Power   [Project Cost Rs. 340.88 Crs.- TL portion] Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. [A Govt of India Enterprise] has been mandated by MoP GoI to implement transmission evacuation system associated with Kishanganga HEP [3x110 MW] in J&K. Under the scheme, PGCIL is to implement following two transmission lines (1) 220 kV D/C Kishanganga Amargarh Transmission Line 42.5 Km (on M/Ckt. Towers) and (2) 220 kV D/C Amargarh [T-Point] Wagoora Transmission Line 73.5 Km. The first transmission line i.e. 220 kV M/C Kishenganga – Amargarh [T-Point] 42.5 Km has been commissioned in March, 2018. The completion of second transmission line i.e. 220 kV D/C Amargarh [T-Point] Wagoora is scheduled to be completed by September, 2018 but getting delayed due to severe Right of Way constraints and due to frequent local disturbances. 1000
10 Transmission System under Green Energy Corridors - Part-C : Inter State Transmission Scheme (ISTS)  Power   To integrate large scale renewable capacity [Solar and Wind] in renewable rich States, a comprehensive transmission scheme named as Green Energy Corridors has been planned. Under Part C of the scheme, a high capacity Interstate transmission system from Bhuj Pooling Station to Banaskantha in Gujarat has been envisaged. The scheme comprises of 765 kV D/c Bhuj Pool to Banaskantha Transmission Line [289Km] and Establishment of 765/400/220 kV Substation with transformation capacity of 4000 MVA at Bhuj Pool. Another project linking the Bhuj Pool Station is also under implementation as a part of Transmission System Strengthening scheme associated with Mundra UMPP. The project consists of 400kV D/c Mundra UMPP to Bhuj Pool Transmission Line [98 Km]. Both the above schemes upon commissioning will facilitate evacuation of generation from conventional as well as renewable energy sources. As per investment approval, the above projects are scheduled to be completed by July, 2018 and December, 2018 respectively. Efforts are however being made to commission these projects concurrently. 2247.37
11 Goa Tamnar Transmission Project Limited  Power   1. Additional 400kV feed to Goa The peak demand met by Goa during the year 2014 to 15 was 489 MW and as per the 18th EPS, the peak demand of 815 MW was expected by the end of 12th Plan and 1192 MW by the end of 13th plan. At present demand of Goa is mainly catered through Mapusa 3x315 MVA, 400/220 kV substation, which gets feed from Kolhapur 400 kV substation through a 400 kV line. Goa system is also connected with Maharashtra and Karnataka through 220 kV lines. To supply the projected power requirement of Goa with reliability, an additional 400 kV in feed to Goa was required. The matter was discussed in the 38th meeting of Standing Committee on Power System Planning in Western Region, held on 17-07-2015 at New Delhi wherein the provision for a new 400kV Substation in Goa at Xeldem along with its interconnections with the Inter State Transmission System was agreed. Accordingly, following transmission system was discussed and approved in the 39th and 40th SCM of WR held on 30.11.2015 and 01.06.2016 respectively and 39th and 40th SCM of SR held on 28-29.12.2015 and 19.11.2016 respectively. It consists of elements i. LILO of one ckt of Narendra (existing) – Narendra (New) 400kV D/c quad line at Xeldem ii. Xeldem – Mapusa 400kV D/c (quad) line iii. Establishment of 2x500MVA, 400/220kV substation at Xeldem 2. Additional System for Power Evacuation from Generation Projects pooled at Raigarh (Tamnar) Pool - Raigarh (Tamnar) PShas been planned to pool about 3000MW power from Jindal Power Ltd. (4x600) and TRN Energy Pvt. Ltd. (2X300) generation project and onward transfer of same through 765kV D/c line to Raigarh(Kotra) generation complex. For evacuation of power reliably from Raigarh (Tamnar) PS, a second corridor was planned from this pooling station to Dharamjaygarh 765 kV S/s through 765kV D/c line. Dharamjaygarh S/s is further connected to WR and NR grid through Dharamjaygarh – Jabalpur PS 765kV 2xD/c line and onward 765kV transmission system. Accordingly, Raigarh Pool (Tamnar) – Dharamjaygarh PS (Section B) 765 kV D/c Line was agreed in 38th and 39th SCM of WR held on17.07.2015 and 30.11.2015 respectively as Additional System for POWER Evacuation from Generation Projects pooled at Raigarh (Tamnar) Pool. The transmission scheme was ratified in 31st WRPC meeting held on 31.03.2016 at Raipur. 1350
12 NER-II Transmission Limited  Power   A comprehensive scheme for strengthening of transmission and distribution system in NER and Sikkim was conceived as a consequence of Pasighat proclamation in 2007. A subgroup under the chairmanship of Member (PS), CEA was constituted by Ministry of DoNER to address the issue of transmission, sub transmission, and distribution system in NER states and Sikkim. Based on the recommendation of the subgroup, Ministry of DoNER asked POWERGRID to prepare the detailed project reports for strengthening of transmission and distribution system for each state of NER and Sikkim as well as interstate works in NER. POWERGRID submitted the DPRs to Ministry of Power in year 2010. Subsequently, the intrastate scheme was taken up through grant and loan by Govt. of India or World Bank. The scope of works under inter state works was taken up as Inter State Strengthening scheme namely North Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme-II (NERSS-II). Subsequently, the intrastate scheme was taken up through grant or loan by Govt. of India or World Bank. The scope of interstate works was taken up as North Eastern Region Strengthening Scheme-II (NERSS-II). The NERSS-II (Part-B) scheme already notified for implementation through TBCB route was reviewed in the 5th Standing Committee Meeting on Power System Planning of North Eastern Region and Ranganadi Nirjuli 132kV D/c line was dropped. Further, Surajmaninagar - P.K.Bari 400kV D/c line (charged at 132kV) was revised in the meeting and proposed to be directly charged at 400kV along with new 400/132kV substations at Surajmaninagar and was decided to be implemented as NERSS-V The scheme includes Biswanath Chariyalli - Itanagar 132 kV D/c line (Zebra Conductor) which has been planned to strengthen the interconnection between the states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh and also to provide an additional source of power to the capital city of Itanagar. Implementation of Silchar - Misa 400kV D/c (Quad) line would provide a strong interconnection between northern and southern part of North Eastern Region and would also facilitate dispersal of power from central sector/private generation projects to various parts of NER through formation of Silchar Misa Balipara Bongaigaon Azara Byrnihat Silchar 400kV ring network. Further, this line would provide an additional path beyond Silchar for evacuation of power from Pallatana GBPP. The construction of Surajmaninagar P.K.Bari 400 kV D/c line along with 400 kV operation of Palatana Surajmaninagar and P.K.Bari Silchar lines would provide alternate 400kV corridor viz. Palatana Surajmaninagar P.K.Bari Silchar in order to improve reliability of power evacuation from Palatana generation project. In addition, the AGTPP P.K.Bari 132kV D/c line with high capacity HTLS conductor (equivalent to single moose) was planned for reliable evacuation of power from AGTPP generation project after addition of 2 units of 25.5 MW capacity 2000
13 400 kV D/C TEESTA III-KISHANGANJ TRANSMISSION LINE : 214 KM  Power   Teestavalley Power Transmission Limited is implementing the project under Inter State Transmission System for evacuation of power from various hydro projects of about 2370 MW located in Sikkim including Teesta-III HEP (1200 MW). Hydro projects with a capacity of about 1600 MW have already been commission in Sikkim (Teesta-III-1200 MW, Tashiding-97 MW, Jorethang-96 MW, Chuzachen-110 MW and Dikchu-96 MW). 1000
14 TRANSMISSION SYSTEM ASSOCIATED WITH ALUSTENG (SRINAGAR)- DRASS-KARGIL-KHALSTI-LEH  Power   Brief: The transmission system is a part of on-going reconstruction plan in Jammu and Kashmir. The project will feed power to Ladakh region and interlinking the J and K’s existing 66 kV system. It has five 220 kV transmission lines spreading in 332 km, passes through Srinagar-Drass-Kargil-Khalsti-Leh and Zozila pass, and four 220/66 kV substations in Drass, Kargil, Khalsti and Leh. 1788
15 HVDC Bipole Link between Western Region (Raigarh, Chhattisgarh) and Southern Region (Pugalur, Tamil Nadu)  Power   Power demand in Southern Region by the end of 13th Plan is expected to rise to about 63000 MW from the present of about 42500 MW. The envisaged generation capacity addition in Southern Region may not meet this additional demand of power and hence requirement of power transfer from other regions to Southern Region is expected to increase. Thus, in order to meet the future demand in Southern Region, HVDC link with inter-regional power transmission capacity of 6000 MW between Western Region and Southern Region has been planned for implementation. The project is scheduled for completion by November, 2019. 14733.37
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