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List of Nodal officers
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S.No Ministry/Districts Name Name Designation Tel. No. Email Address Address
Adi Dravidar Welfare Shri Adi Dravidar Welfare Director 04132275681 adwel [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Thattanchavady, Puducherry-605009
Agriculture Shri Agriculture Director 04132336977 agridapa [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in New Light House Road, Vambakeerapalayam, Uppalam, Puducherry - 1
Animal Husbandry Shri Animal Husbandry Director 04132203135 ahd [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Maraimalai Adigal Salai, Pondicherry - 605003
Art & Culture Shri Art and Culture Director 04132349716 art [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in 1, Romain Rolland Street, Puducherry - 605001
Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Shri Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Director 04132253345 civil [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Industrial Estate Road, Thattanchavadi, Puducherry-605008
Co-operative Societies Shri Registrar of Co-operative Societies Registrar 04132272007 rcs [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in V.V.P. Nagar, Thattanchavady, Puducherry-605 009
Distict Rural Development Agency Shri Project Director Director 04132203601 drda [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Administrative Building, Chief Secretariat No. 1, Puducherry 605 001
Electricity Shri Electricity Superintendent Engineer1 04132334277 se1ped [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Cuddalore Road, Marapalam, Mudaliarpet, Pondicherry, 605 004
Fire Service Shri Fire Service Divisional Fire Officer 04132336677 fire [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in No.104, Kamatchiamman Koil Street, Pondicherry
10  Fisheries & Fishermen Welfare Shri Fisheries and Fishermen Welfare Director 04132204808 fish [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Botanical Garden Premies, Puducherry 605 001
11  Health & Family Welfare Services Shri Health and Family Welfare Services Director 04132249350 dms [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Main Block of the Old Maternity Hospital Complex, Victor Simonel Street Puducherry-605 008
12  Higher & Technical Education Shri Higher and Technical Education Director 04132251763 dhte [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Pipmate Complex, Lawspet Road, Puducherry-605 008
13  Industries & Commerce Shri Industries and Commerce Director 04132248476 ind [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Thattanchavady Industrial Estate, Thattanchavady, Puducherry 605 009
14  Information Technology Shri Information Technology Director 04132246090 dit [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in 2nd Floor, No.505, Kamaraj Salai, Saram, Pondicherry-600013
15  Labour Shri Labour Labour Commissioner 04132279211 lc [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Gandhi Nagar, Thattanchavady, Pondicherry, 605 009
16  Law Shri Law Director 04132336592 uslaw [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in First Floor, Chief Secretariat, Pondicherry- 605001
17  Local Administration Shri Local Administration Director 04132336469 dirlad [at] nic [dot] in No.16, Rue Suffren, Puducherry-605 001
18  Personnel and Adminstrative Reforms Shri Personnel and Administrative Reforms Director 04132336447 usgad [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Chief Secretariat, Puducherry 605 001
19  Planning & Research Shri Planning and Research Director 04132248668 pandr [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in No.505, KamarajSali, Saram, Pondicherry - 600013
20  Police Shri Police DGP 04132334006 dgp [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Mahe de Labourdonnais St, White Town, Puducherry605001
21  Port Shri Port Director 04132337114 port [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Port Department Puducherry - 605 001
22  Prisons Shri Prisons IG Prisons 04132655663 igprisons [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in NO:1 , Mathur Road, Kalapet, Puducherry - 605014
23  Public Works Shri Public Works Chief Engineer 04132336394 cepwd [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Central Office, PWD 34, Lal Bahadur Sastri Street Puducherry - 605001
24  Revenue and Disaster Management Shri Revenue Collector 04132248691 dcrev [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in No.505,Kamaraj salai ,saram, Pondicherry-600013
25  Rural Development Shri Rural Development Project Director 04132203601 drda [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Administrative Building, Chief Secretariat No. 1, Puducherry 605 001
26  School Education Shri School Education Director 04132205566 dse-edn [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in A-Block,1 floor perunthalaivar Kamaraj Puducherry-605 005 Centenary Educational complex,100 ft Road Anna Nagar
27  Science, Technology & Environment Shri Science, Technology and Environment Director 04132201256 dste [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in III Floor, PHB Building, Anna Nagar, Pondicherry-605005
28  Social Welfare Shri Social Welfare Director 04132205872 socwel [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in 29, Kandappa Mudaliar St, Puducherry 605 001
29  Tourism Shri Tourism Director 04132358570 tourism [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Dr.Ambedkar Salai, Opp Indira Gandhi Sports Complex Pondicherry 605 001.
30  Town and Country Planning Shri Town and Country Planning Chief Town Planner 04132200050 ctptcp [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Jawahar Nagar, Boomianpet, Puducherry - 605005
31  Transport Shri Transport Transport Commissione 04132280170 tc [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in Transport Department, 100 Feet Road, Mudhaliarpet, Pondicherry 605 004
32  Women & Child Development Shri Women and Child Development Director 04132242621 wcd [dot] pon [at] nic [dot] in N0.50, Chittankudy, Pondicherry-605 013
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